‘Entitled’ Porsche driver fails to offer method, causes man to fall off his motorcycle in WA

Surprising second an ‘entitled’ Porsche driver pulls out in entrance of visitors and sends a motorcycle rider flying into the highway – earlier than simply driving off

  • Incident was captured after which uploaded to YouTube web page Unhealthy Driving Australia
  • A motorcycle rider was lucky to not cleaned up by a luxurious Porsche 4WD
  • Extremely, occupant within the Porsche then speeds off after inflicting close to prang

An ‘entitled’ Porsche driver has been caught on digital camera performing a U-turn into oncoming visitors, earlier than narrowly avoiding a collision with a motorcycle rider.

The imaginative and prescient, taken in Subiaco, Western Australia, reveals the posh 4WD Porsche pulling out of a parking area on a busy important avenue earlier than turning to the suitable – straight in entrance of visitors. 

The clip reveals the motorcycle rider in the suitable lane cease at a pedestrian crossing earlier than then cautiously continuing ahead.

The motorcycle rider (pictured proper) was compelled to take evasive motion after the driving of the 4WD (partially obscured) in Western Australia

The rider (pictured) soon found himself off his vehicle due to the questionable driving of the Porsche occupant

The rider (pictured) quickly discovered himself off his automobile as a result of questionable driving of the Porsche occupant

The rider was stopped in his tracks immediately when the 4WD failed to offer method, then illegally crossed a number of lanes – nearly inflicting a critical accident.

Compelled to take evasive motion, the rider can then be seen falling off his motorcycle on the busy avenue, lucky to keep away from a prang.

The Porsche driver appeared uninterested within the incident and proceeded to drive off. 

In line with the rider, he was fortunate to not be ‘flattened.’

‘The Porsche carried out a U-turn throughout two lanes of (incoming) visitors as I used to be on the point of merge in entrance of the silver automotive,’ he fumed on the favored YouTube web page, Unhealthy Driving Australia.

‘He was form sufficient to offer me a sorry wave earlier than driving off.’ 

It did not take lengthy for folks to touch upon the video, with one individual stating the Porsche driver was ‘a type of particular breeds that thinks the highway belongs to them.’

A second could not consider the occupant of the posh 4WD didn’t cease and see if the rider was injured, stating it was ‘very impolite.’


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